torsdag 24 juli 2014

Let's talk about Legend of the Five Rings

My RPG roots are primarily in L5R. It wasn't my first system (that would be 3rd edition DnD), nor was it the first RPG I read (some Swedish cyberpunk thing someone handed me once, can't even remember its name), but it was the system and world I spent the most time exploring.

I like how it has separate subsystems for every class (all four of them), I like how learning calligraphy helps you rank up as a warrior, I like how ranking up does not make you immortal, I like how it stresses the political landscape.

But it is becoming beyond familiar.

I might get rid of the schools entirely, though it runs the risk of eliminating contrast. I'd probably have to find a different naming trend for the clans. Maybe plants.

For now, I might just post about past and future campaigns.
Drawing below related - a character I may or may not eventually play in my brother's HIGH DEATH LION DURING GOZOKU GENERATION SWITCH CAMPAIGN.

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