torsdag 14 maj 2015

Maps I've drawn but barely used

Close enough to Zak's original maps to be more of a cover than a remix. Wanted something a little easier to read.

A mixture of Reynaldo's map and a variety of Ravenloft maps, primarily grabbed from Mistipedia. Excuse the Swedish.

Rokugan, post-clan-wars
In an alternate timeline based on two campaigns my brother ran half a decade ago. The English-language clan introductions replaced the original story notes when I started using it as a welcome-to-the-setting map.

Rokugan, before the Unicorn
Post-Iuchiban, pre-Unicorn campaign. Considered making religion uncommonly fashionable, even for Rokugan.

Rokugan, Ikoma territories
Detailed Ikoma map, for a less macro-level political campaign that never really happened. Each province has a name(black) and a ruling family(orange).

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  1. I love all, but specially the L5R ones...

    Good work!

  2. Wow. Thanks. Wasn't expecting anyone to actually read this blog.