torsdag 14 maj 2015

Maps I've drawn but barely used

Close enough to Zak's original maps to be more of a cover than a remix. Wanted something a little easier to read.

A mixture of Reynaldo's map and a variety of Ravenloft maps, primarily grabbed from Mistipedia. Excuse the Swedish.

Rokugan, post-clan-wars
In an alternate timeline based on two campaigns my brother ran half a decade ago. The English-language clan introductions replaced the original story notes when I started using it as a welcome-to-the-setting map.

Rokugan, before the Unicorn
Post-Iuchiban, pre-Unicorn campaign. Considered making religion uncommonly fashionable, even for Rokugan.

Rokugan, Ikoma territories
Detailed Ikoma map, for a less macro-level political campaign that never really happened. Each province has a name(black) and a ruling family(orange).

onsdag 13 maj 2015

So I played Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures

Ran the Goblin adventure. Looked to German and Nordic folklore for inspiration, particularly the Kobold. Short, subterranean creatures in red, orange, or black skin and miner's clothes, living in caves and mines. They carry flutes to scare people, shake their heads back and fourth, and/or have luminous circles where a human's heart would be. Often fire-themed.

Rolled Darkness and Fear, so the shining heart-light seems thematically appropriate, as does connecting the fear save to the sound of their flute. Rolled a totem for treasure, so I threw in a bit about them worshipping Bergsrået.

Most of the villagers got killed, players tore down or burned most of what remained and abandoned the village to settle with their neighbors.