torsdag 18 februari 2016

Rokugan Basara II: Gozoku

The second of the six ages is roughly analogous to the Nara / Heian periods. There is only one city to speak of, and it is the capital, Otosan Uchi, or maybe "Capital of Peace" after Heian-kyou, to cut down on the copious and unnecessary Japanese.

The Empire of Rokugan is still small and surrounded by threats. Barbarians in the north and west, pirates from the east, the shadowlands to the south, yokai everywhere, and eventually Iuchiban and his bloodspeakers.

The world, as they see it

The descendants of Bayushi, Shiba, and Doji maintain the alliance that gave Hantei the throne, mostly to keep the Akodo out of power. Old retired Emperors have long "advised" their young replacements to a large enough extent to be de facto emperors, and with the tradition of Emperor/Doji marriage, the prestige of the Isawa school, and the tactical importance of Bayushi, it wasn't particularly hard to make the Emperor their puppet.

It seems fitting to name this era

onsdag 17 februari 2016

Old L5R doodles

Campaign concept art from years ago.

The full, original version of the world map I posted earlier. Covered in plot-notes.

Reference drawings for the Unicorn. Emphasis on variety of weapons, foreign languages, and outdoor training. Decided against giving their shugenja the Asako Inquisitor look. Bottom one is Shinjo waking up and returning, bringing a small entourage of foreign sorcerers.

Inspired by above drawings, I tried boiling down the cultural essence of the Mantis and the Lion.

 "Tradition, Discipline, Honour!" Lower right depicts their martial art of choice as "wrestling."

torsdag 4 februari 2016

Old Planescape doodles

Four Githzerai in a gang, five Githyanki pirates, and a Fire Genasi.

"Holy Man", the pickpocket