måndag 28 juli 2014

Sparkly Vampire

Sparkly Vampire:
Armor Class: 15 (mostly dodge bonus)
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 1 bite or slash with claws (1d6)
Treasure: Sparkly hide, 2d6sp, 15% chance of nice hat
Special: Blood-drain. Drain and regain 1d4 hp per round. Any grapple rules will do.
Will eventually revive if not burned.

Stores blood in chest. Stabbing their bosom, when large enough, will cause them to bleed everywhere and be very cross with you. Often walks hunched over, hunching increasing substantially with weight of chest. Quick and agile, regardless, often swooping and bouncing around like hyperactive children.

Sparkles in sunlight. Takes no damage, but easy to spot. If skinned, its sparkly hide can be used to craft a sparkly cloak. Usually takes two or three vampires for a normal-sized cloak.

Feeds with tongue. Tongue is a long, round, sandworm-like thing, ending in a small, round mouth with teeth that hooks into your neck and drains you.

80% chance of a feverish concern for the Masqueradeᵗᵐ. In practice this means that they feed as little as possible and dislike talking about their powers. The concerned ones are noticeably skinnier. They think this demonstrates restraint and nobility. The remaining 20% think of this as an eating disorder.

These "Dry Ones" commonly deal with the lack of feeding by smelling people.

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