lördag 23 juli 2016

Rokugan Basara III: Two Rokugans

When the Kirin faction returns, they have shed all Kirin imagery and happily indulged in cultural syncretism for generations. They are now the Unicorn, and the world will split into two.

Rough timeline:
- Empire establishes relative control over most of the lands traditionally associated with Rokugan
- short period of peace, castles and the foundations of cities are built
- Asako family travel north, building the White Castle deep in the mountains, and the Castle of Consultation further south, for guests and court
- Gozoku/Akodo tensions increase
- the Unicorn invade from the south
- Akodo Shogun uses duty to protect against barbarian threats as pretense for establishing martial law and the first shogunate
- Unicorn gradually conquer large sections of the south and west while maintaining an aggressive propaganda war against the Akodo shogunate
- both eastern and western Rokugan coexist uncomfortably for a time, maybe even generations
- decisive conflict, end of split
- Second Rise of Iuchiban
- remaining dictator militarily weakened, Imperial loyalists attempt a Hantei restoration
- if the Imperial restoration succeeds, the Hantei will hold true political power for the first time since before the Gozoku, and will be incompetent but harmless
- either the Emperor remains in charge (canon ending), a new shogunate rises from within Imperial loyalist ranks, or, if the restoration failed, the old shogunate/khanate remains in much weakened form

Rokugan after the Unicorn. I refer to my earlier maps for what it could've looked like before.